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President’s Message

                                         Dear Friends and Neighbors,

                                               riving through our community you'll notice the big yellow buses that remind
                                               us the school year has begun. Children's safety is our top priority, so please
                                         Dabide by the traffic regulations regarding school bus drop-off and pick-up.
                                         The 17th Street Mobility Workshop has reconvened after the summer break. RVCA
                                         Vice President Christina Currie attends on our behalf. We continue to make good
                                         headway working with the county, ports and DOT. Commissioners Ben Sorensen
                                         and Steven Glassman have also begun a similar initiative to deal with Las Olas
                                         traffic and mobility.
                                         The Alexan project, the proposed building at the site of the Edgewater condos, was
                                         presented to the Fort Lauderdale City Commission. The original proposal was to
                                         build a 21-story building with a first-story breezeway, a setback from the river, and
          Warren Sturman, MD             gift of land to the city to add park space. In June, the city asked the developer to
             President, RVCA             decrease the size from 21 stories down to 14 and decrease the number of units
                                         from 180 down to 120. After review, the developer determined that the revised
                                         plan would not work at that site and asked the commission to vote on the original
                                         plan. At their last commission meeting on August 21, the city commission voted the
                 President               proposal down.
             Warren Sturman, MD
   The return of Fire Station 8, the station which will service our neighborhood, was
                                         also brought up at the last city commission meeting. Original plans called for
           Vice President/Secretary
               Christina Currie          locating the station in the vicinity of SE 8 Street and Federal Highway. Later the city
   proposed locating the station at SE 17th Street and Andrews Avenue because they
                                         already had land there for a maintenance facility to service the Wave Streetcar.
                Mark Snead               The Wave Streetcar is now dead, however, so RVCA, the Downtown Civic
    Association and members of the Fire Bond Committee all opposed this site because
                                         it is too far from where it will be needed most, namely downtown and Rio Vista.
              BOARD MEMBERS              Because we already owned the land, the city decided to go ahead with their
                 Bill Boder              location. When final approval came up at the last City Commission Meeting on
             August 21, I spoke against the proposed 17th Street site. However, in the interest
                                         of time, the commission voted to go ahead with their 17th Street location because
            Nancy Messing Brand          finding and building on a new site will cause a delay of over a year. The new Fire
                                         Chief presented a "before and after" map at the Commission meeting and I want
                Sam Koster               everyone to realize that even with the new station, areas of Rio Vista still remain in
                                         the Orange and Red (unacceptable response time) zones. As a compromise, the
                 Tom Maus                city promised to build a medical EMS-only unit near the tunnel and allocated $3
         million towards this. We MUST ensure that this gets built ASAP. With the growth of
                                         population downtown and our neighborhood still waiting, waiting yet another 15
              Michael Orlando
                  years is totally unacceptable.
                Eladio Perez             Vice Mayor Ben Sorensen and I continue to work together on homelessness in the
             city. Last week, Ben and I met with County Commissioner Tim Ryan, United Way,
                                         and Broward Health's Community Health Administrator to coordinate our efforts. In
                Fred Stresau             addition, we have hosted several neighborhood forums to raise awareness of what
                                         is being proposed. Many in attendance feel that the old "County Stockade" could
         COUNSEL TO THE BOARD            be repurposed as an ideal site to deliver food, services, temporary housing and
             Charles Tatelbaum
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