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HBI Security Report


             HBI Security's Paul Maniates

                t is with great sadness and
                sincere appreciation that
             Iwe announce the retirement
             of Detective Paul Maniates from
             both the Fort Lauderdale Police
             Department and from our own
             HBI Security detail after serving
             our City and community for over
             31 years. Paul is originally from
             Boston and began his career there.
             During his years with FLPD, he                                        Detective Maniates captured suspected cat burglar
             worked as a Detective in the FLPD’s                                   accused of breaking and entering through neighbor
             Narcotics Unit and also held                                          doggie doors to liberate treats. A BOLO is in effect for
                                                                                   future attempts.
             positions as a board official for the   Detective Paul with HBI Security K-9 “Officer Recee”
             Fraternal Order of Police Union, including Vice-President and Chief Steward. He retires after 33 1/2 years in law enforcement.

             Detective Paul, as he was affectionately known to our neighbors, was both a protector of our people and of our pets assisting in
             our sometimes wayward fur family members find their way safely home.

             We wish Detective Paul in his new chapter of life and new found free time, super low golf scores and endless playtime with his
             own “K-9” companion Bayou and expanding menagerie. We will miss you!  HB


             HBI Security                                                                    New Officer

                       e are delighted to welcome       to our newest
                       HBI Security officer, Henderson Dottsin.
             WEveryone we talk with has been VERY impressed
             with him…especially with his practice of stepping out of the
             gatehouse door to greet almost everyone coming into the
             neighborhood. And he has already saved the Association
             thousands of dollars in damages to our entryway from
             oversized trucks by preventing them from attempting to enter
             an area too small for their trucks to fit…which they regularly
             attempt to do because their phone told them to!

             Officer Dottsin has a long history of exemplary private
             security experience and brings a sound understanding of
             security principles to the job. He has extensive operational
             security experience that enables him to safely assess,
             engage, contain and de-escalate situations as they arise and
             to detect suspicious persons or activity in the neighborhood.
             His work in providing personal security and protection
             for high-profile and VIP clients gives him the experience,
             skills and understanding of the job to work effectively with
             everyone in our neighborhood.  HB

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