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Season Preview


                                                                                                      By Gary Bitner

             Welcome to a Season Full of                            The setup varies from one event to another and you may find
                                                                    that walking or opting for a rideshare provides quick and
             Entertainment Programs and                             easy access. Fort Lauderdale’s famous Water Taxi is another
                                                                    transportation possibility. Or, you may prefer to drive and
             Special Events                                         park, with plentiful parking options at multiple downtown

                                                                    parking garages and the City’s nearly-new, beach-area Las
             I f last year’s “Season” teased you with the first few post-  Olas Parking Garage, on the north side of Las Olas, just east
               pandemic entertainment events on and around Las Olas
                                                                    of the Intracoastal Waterway. It offers almost 700 parking
               Boulevard, this year’s lineup is sure to spark your desire to
             return to a life full of exciting entertainment. From Downtown   spaces at a modest $2 per hour parking rate.
             Fort Lauderdale to the beach, Las Olas and its environs are   Tips for Attending Events
             eager to welcome you to dozens of new and returning special   Your desire to venture out and enjoy more local events is
             programs and events. The upcoming calendar is chock full of   shared by many others in Greater Fort Lauderdale. As a result,
             local entertainment options.                           some events are likely to be crowded. You can avoid most
                                                                    crowds by going early or late, or by carefully selecting what
             Thinking of traveling out of town, out of state or even out of
             the country soon?  Before you make those travel plans, with   days of the week you attend.
             their potential for delayed flights, packed hotels, expensive   To mask, or not to mask?  These days, COVID spikes seem to
             rent-a-cars and other travel nightmares, try enjoying all that   come and go with little evidence of more masks being worn
             Las Olas and its surroundings have to offer. Of course, if   in public. As you know, open air events are likely safer than
             your urge is strong to pack a bag and venture out, consider   indoor events. Crowds can be a concern for the spread of
             booking a “staycation” at one of the many new or established   COVID. Bottom line: Do what you think is best for you and
             hotels in downtown Fort Lauderdale or on Fort Lauderdale   your family.
             beach. Several of this season’s outdoor special events take   With that, here’s our LAS OLAS BOULEVARD & ISLES
             place little more than a quick walk from one or more hotels,   MAGAZINE guide to this upcoming season’s top events. We
             which are eager to welcome local residents to enjoy their   hope you’ll find it helpful. Enjoy!
             guestroom and dining options, plus nearby special events and
             entertainment programs.

                                                    LAS OLAS BOULEVARD & ISLES

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