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                                                                      The official magazine of the
                                                            Las Olas Association & Las Olas Isles

                                                        • 12,500 copies published 6x annually (bimonthly)

                                                        • 11,000+ copies MAILED via USPS Every Door Direct Mail
                                                        (EDDM) to EVERY home, condo, apartment & business in our

                                                        Downtown, E. Las Olas Blvd., Las Olas Isles & Las Olas Beach
                                                        • additional free Fort Lauderdale Beach hotels distribution

                                                        • additional free distribution via ad sponsors & LOA members

                                                        • additional free social media & advertiser promotions

                                                          The ONLY magazine EXCLUSIVELY showcasing our

                                                           Downtown, Las Olas Blvd, Las Olas Isles & Beach.

                                                                       The Heart of Fort Lauderdale!

                                        BY Las Olas. FOR Las Olas. ABOUT Las Olas.
                       The Locals’ Guide to what’s new & trending on our fabulous Las Olas Boulevard & Isles!
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