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President’s Message


                                                      ecurity Patrol. The FLPD Off-Duty Security Patrol officially launched on June 28.
                                                      See page 18. Get to know our officers and let them get to know you
                                                 Swhen you see them driving around. The initial membership drive was very
                                                  successful, with nearly 300 households signed up to date. 200 households gets
                                                  us four (4) hours of patrol a day, so 400 households will get us about twice that
                                                  amount of patrol. There are about 1250 single family homes in CRCCE, so we are
                                                  closing in on 25% membership. That leaves plenty of opportunity for growth. For
                                                  everyone who has signed up to date, your renewal date will be June 28, 2023.
                                                  The Security Patrol Committee members—Board Secretary and Chairperson Vicki
                                                  Lynch, Board Vice President Karen Polivka, Board Treasurer Craig Singer and
                 Tim Hernandez                    BOD members Michele Allen, Paige O’Mahoney and Brian O’Connell—deserve a
                     President                    great deal of credit for their effort and perseverance in making this program a
                                                  reality. They have collectively volunteered hundreds and hundreds of hours (no
                                                  exaggeration) over the past year, conceiving and implementing the program. One
                                                  important benefit of membership is the ability to receive Security Patrol house
                    OFFICERS                      checks if you’re going on vacation or are seasonally away, having your home

                   Tim Hernandez                  tented or having construction work done, just by filling out an e-form.
                                                  CRCCE joins Rio Vista, Sunrise Intracoastal, Harbor Beach and Bermuda Riviera as
                   Karen Polivka                  neighborhoods with active FLPD Off-Duty Security Patrols.
                   Vice President
                    Craig Singer

                    Vicki Lynch


                    Michele Allen
                  Jonathan Brody
                 Renata Cammarata
                     Judy High
                    Robert Mayo
                    Vicki Lynch
                   Brian O’Connell
                  Paige O’Mahoney
                   Bruce Quailey
                     Jeff Stich
                                                  Friendly Security Patrol Officer Meeting CRCCE Canines
                                                  Speed Cushions

                                                  The Speed cushion installation has started. To address issues of speeding on our
                                                  CRCCE streets, your CRCCE Community Association is spending nearly $100,000
            CORAL R DGE                           on installing speed cushions throughout the community. New cushions have been
                                                  installed on NE 32nd and NE 33rd Streets. These were installed by City crews,
            COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES                  but I got this note (next page) from our contact in the City’s Transportation and
                                                  Mobility Department on June 30:                                                      (cont. pg 10)

         8                                                    CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

                                                                                                                    7/4/22   10:40 AM
        CRCCE 0722.indd   8                                                                                         7/4/22   10:40 AM
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