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President’s Message continued

             N e w  Website

             Our new website launched June 1!. Our sincere thanks to
             the incredible work of Board member Michele Allen, who
             has ushered us into the digital age. Here’s the link:
             Michele built the site on a responsive platform, so it displays
             well on any device (desktop, iPad, phone.)
             Features include:
             •  Information on past/current/future initiatives, including the
               security program                                     2881 E Oakland Park Courtesy Greenberg Traurig
             •  Area notifications such as road closures and utility work  The Board expressed serious concerns to the developer about
             •  A current list of board members and association members  neighborhood compatibility, traffic circulation and impacts
             •  Access to the digital version of this magazine      on the intersection of the Bayview Drive and Oakland Park
             •  Links to local resources                            Boulevard. We had scheduled a meeting with them for June
                                                                    9. On June 7, we received the following email from Anna
             The new website provides more ways to interact and     Diaz, a representative of the Developers, Vera Realty, LLC, Mill
             communicate, including the ability to                  Capital, LLC and Aventura Quattro, LLC:
             •  Pay annual membership dues
             •  Sign up for the security program                      “Good afternoon All, I am emailing to
             •  Sign up to volunteer                                  let you know that the development team
             •  Communicate neighborhood issues or provide suggestions  working on the Coral Tower project at
                                                                      2881 E. Oakland Park Boulevard has
               to the board                                           decided to revisit certain features of the
             •  Sign up for email notifications and breaking neighborhood  project that may result in a fairly significant
               news--we currently have 726 members and counting in    redesign. We are in the early stages of
               our database                                           that process, but believe that the changes
             We have also created a QR code                           will be beneficial for both the project and
             that goes directly to the website                        your neighborhood. However, it will take
             which is shown here and will be in                       some time for the potential new design to
             the newsletter and our eblasts. We                       be presentable. We appreciate keenly
             would also like to create a digital                      your interest in the project, the time several
             history of the community. If you                         of  you  have  already  spent  to  review  the
             have photographs, memories or                            project and your efforts to meet with us as
             information of interest, please email                    a  Board.  We  do  not  wish  to  waste  any
             them to us at                of your time, so, we would like to cancel
                                                                      the meeting presently scheduled for 5:00
             Development                                              this Thursday. We bring our apologies for
                                                                      such short notice. Please be assured that,
             The Board recently received notice of a new project proposed   when the revised project is farther along,
             for 2881 E Oakland Park Boulevard. The project as presented   we will provide you with the new plans
             would have required an allocation of 77 flex units, which is   and reach out to reset our meeting. Thank
             a discretionary approval. Board members Bruce Quailey and   you for your service to your community
             Karen Polivka attended the City’s May 24th Development   and your consideration. We look forward
             Review Committee meeting at which the project was presented.   to working with you.”
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