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CRCCE Update

                    Security Patrol on Duty

                                    By Vicki Lynch, Secretary, CRCCE Community Association

                    he Security Patrol Committee is pleased to
                    announce the official start of the program.
             TLt. DeAnna Greenlaw, pictured with
             Sgt. Mark Wright, begins the first shift of the CRCCE
             Security Patrol on June 28th. Sgt. Wright is one
             member of the detail team assembled by Lt. Greenlaw
             to patrol the neighborhood and perform security away
             checks for homeowners.
             Hours of patrol are varied throughout the week to cover
             statistically high crime times. Officers will surveil streets
             with single family homeowners who have joined the SP
             Program. Perimeter businesses and condominiums are
             not part of the program.
             All participating homeowners should have received
             their lawn sign.

             Please look for Sgt. Wright and other detail officers as
             they work to promote safety in our community.
             For those residents who have
             already enrolled in the program.

               •  Your renewal date will be June 28, 2023.

               •  Make sure your CRCCE security sign is visible
                 and near the street, not up against your house or
                 where it can be easily blocked from view
               •  Make sure your house numbers are clearly in        •  Applications may be completed online at https://30869.
                 view for the officers                       
               •  In case of emergency call 911. CRCCE patrol officers  Check out the Coral Ridge Country Club website https://
                 monitor the emergency channel and will respond if for complete information about the
                 on duty.                                           Security Patrol.

               •  If you will be on vacation, seasonally away, having your  Questions about the program may be directed to:
                home tented, or other absentee work being done you are  Vicki Lynch, Chair –
                entitled to regular house checks as part of your membership.
                Please complete the online form for this service.   Karen Polivka, Signage –
                                                                    Michele Allen, Communications/Website  –
             For those residents who have not enrolled       
             in the program.                                        Paige O’Mahoney, Membership –

               •  The annual fee for service is $450.        
               •  You may complete the application in this newsletter and  Craig Singer, Finance –
                 mail it with a check or CC information.            Thank you!


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