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President’s Message continued

             More Traffic Calming, Vacation                         Greg also suggested I share with the community a new way
                                                                    the City has created to get in touch with customer service
             Rental and Security News                               staff. Below is an infographic that shows how you can get
                                                                    support for any concern that a neighbor may have, 24/7. By
             I met with Greg Chavarria, Fort Lauderdale’s incoming City   calling 954-828-8000, you can describe your issue and get a
             Manager, replacing Chris Lagerbloom, who is returning to   “QAlert” number, which is a reference number that will track
             his hometown in Georgia. I briefed Greg on a few of the   activity and progress from issue to resolution. Greg expects
             major issues of concern in our neighborhood: traffic calming,   this to dramatically increase accountability.
             vacation rentals and security. He offered encouragement on
             all these issues.                                      Plenty more is happening, but that’s enough until next time.
                                                                    Enjoy your summer!
             On traffic calming, he said he would revisit our request for
             more stop signs, which the City rejected last year.    Tim Hernandez, President
                                                                    Coral Ridge Country Club Estates
             On vacation rentals, he shared a social media post that the   Community Association
             City uses to let neighbors know about reporting vacation rental

             He also provided this link which contains specifics about
             enforcement and how to make a vacation rental complaint:
             On security, he noted that the City had nearly 50 open
             positions in the Police Department and they have filled nearly
             all of those through an aggressive recruitment program which
             included advertising to officers in New York and Chicago. This
             will increase overall police presence and have the ancillary
             benefit of increasing the pool of officers available for the off-
             duty security patrols.


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