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                                           Planning Matters continued

              But there are things that individual property owners can do  • Don’t walk through water. There could be electrical lines
              as well to protect their properties and minimize impacts on  down or other hazards you can’t see.
              neighbors. The City’s website lists a number of actions,
                                                                    Next issue we hope to have more on planned transportation
              including:                                            improvements in the neighborhood. Stay safe.
              • Wait as long as possible to put waste carts out for pickup
                and remove them from the street as quickly as possible
                after they are emptied.                             Timothy L. Hernandez, AICP, is an urban planner, builder and
              • Regrading your lot to make sure you have the required  developer and a member of the American Institute of Certified
                swale along the street.                             Planners. He is co-founder of New Urban Communities, a
              • Relocating electrical panel boxes, furnaces, water  Delray Beach based development firm specializing in urban
                heaters, and washers and dryers to elevated locations  infill and redevelopment and a 28 year resident of Coral Ridge
                (and knowing how to turn off those you can’t relocate).  Country Club Estates. He is Developer in Residence for the
              • Bringing seawall up to code.                        University Miami Masters in Real Estate and Urbanism program.
              • Installing check valves to prevent floodwater from  Current projects include the Pompano Beach Fishing Village
                backing up in drains.                               commercial redevelopment at the Pompano Pier, the Village at
              • If you see storm grates or catch basins clogged with  Wilton Manors townhomes and Azul Apartments in Stuart. He
                leaves or debris, clean them up so water can flow freely  can be reached via email at
                into the them.
              • Don’t speed through flooded areas to avoid damaging
                your car and other properties.

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