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                                           Planning Matters continued

                                                                    • Inspecting and cleaning tidal valves already installed
                                                                      throughout the City to confirm they are operating
                                                                      properly and mitigating tidal flooding as expected
                                                                    • Checking and cleaning storm drains and catch basins to
                                                                      remove any blockages to facilitate drainage and
                                                                      minimize water accumulation
                                                                    • Expediting tidal valve installation, when possible, to
                                                                      prevent tidal water from backing up in the storm drain
                                                                      system and flooding City streets. The City has installed at
              shouldn’t. Those who lived on the Country Club during   least 165 tidal valves to date.
              Hurricane Irma saw the entire course submerged and    • Amending the seawall ordinance in an effort to protect
              waters coming precariously close to their rear property   properties and minimize flooding caused by breached
              lines during the storm. Residents on canals with older   seawalls
              seawalls saw them breached and many streets flooded.  • Installing a blend of permeable pavers, bioswales, and
                                                                      exfiltration trenches to maximize water retention and the
              Broward County has a great tool that allows any resident
              to type in their address and find their flood zone; here is   capacity of the storm drain system to minimize localized
              the link:         • Raising electrical panel boxes for sanitary sewer pump
                                                                      stations to prevent power outages
                                                                    • Incorporating sea level rise as planning criteria for
              The City is implementing a series of “resiliency” measures   infrastructure improvements
              to mitigate the impact of King Tides and the elephant in the   • Working with Broward County to renourish the beach to
              room, sea level rise. Among these are:                  mitigate wave impacts.

              Coral Ridge CC during Irma, September 2017.

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