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                                                    Arts & Culture

                                         KEEPING THE

                                                  By Jennifer Nayak-Feldman

              A season of improv for
              cultural organizations and the

              audiences who miss them

                   roward County cultural and arts events are more
                   than just seasonal fun these days, enhancing our
              Btourism mecca and attracting fans of all ages to the
              area to attend local theater, beachfront music festivals, live
              jazz, food & wine events. According to the Broward
              Cultural Affairs Division, the largest supporter and funder
              of local artists organizations, the impact of spending by
              nonprofit arts and cultural organizations is far reaching.
              “Sixty three percent of nonresident- survey -respondents
              indicated that the primary purpose of their visit to Broward
              County was “specifically to attend this arts/cultural event.”
              Whether serving the local community or out-of-town visitors,
              a vibrant arts and culture industry helps our local economy
              thrive. Funding for the arts during the pandemic, however,
              has been imperiled. Congress is now considering the Save
              our Stages Act or #THESOSACT,  a bill authorizing the
              Small Business Administration (SBA) to make grants to
              eligible live venue operators, producers, promoters, or
              talent representatives to address the economic effects of the
              COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic on                                          photo by Jason Nuttle
              certain live venues.
                                                                    Center hosts an annual audience of more than 600,000
              This season needs art patrons like no other. Local sponsors,  people, working with an estimated $58 million budget and
              community trust donors and supporting members have    contributing more than $90 million to the local economy.
              stepped in to share resources, waive grant requirements  Finishing 2019 with the highest grossing season, thanks to
              and renew membership; others are sharing resources,   national tours of Tony award-winning shows like
              providing health guidance for staff, facility upgrades and  "Hamilton”, Broward Center was able to move ahead with
              advice for safely reopening venues.                   renovations of the historic Parker Playhouse and continue
              I sat down with Broward Center for the Performing Arts  as a provider of arts education for local students. Broward
              CEO, Kelley Shanley, to discuss how he and other key  Center has stayed true to a community commitment of
              leaders nationwide are responding to the threat of    connecting artists with audiences through performance and
              coronavirus and its’ impact on the creative economy.  education.

              CEO since 2009, Kelley Shanley has led the Broward    “Pivot is the word of the year,” Shanley says via Zoom
              Center to stratospheric levels of success. The Broward  from his home office, a space filled with vintage stage and

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