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                                              Arts & Culture continued

              concert posters, awards and family portraits peeking from  arts and education provider for Broward County Schools,
              a bookshelf.                                          hosting 150,000 students annually.
              “When you can no longer use theaters, you could easily  “I think we have learned how important the arts are to
              think that it’s all we                                people’s lives, even at home; we’ve seen a return to
                                                                    personal art in this moment and how it helps us get through
              are for the community, but it would be a mistake. Broward
              Center uses arts to serve the community beyond the stage,  it,” he continues. "From people singing from balconies, to
              especially through outreach and education." he says.  people imitating famous works of art in their home,
                                                                    producing, consuming art – in such humble ways from their
              "We were able to pivot immediately and work with local  living room with audiences from around the world – if we
              teachers and parents to provide "Broward Center @Home,"  ever wondered if art was important in our lives, through all
              a series of online, interactive programs and camps working  this, we can agree that it truly is." he says.
              with local and international artists. They have been more
              than willing to step into this virtual space and try to do  "We all miss the experience of sharing art together in the
              something that’s meaningful, inspiring and hopeful for our  same room, that electric connection that happens in only in
              South Florida audience. We can continue to play that role  that moment; but in the meantime we have seen tons of
              for the community, despite the circumstances."        great things happening at home through creativity, culture
                                                                    and art and it’s helping us get through it.” he says.
              Virtual student classes are truly inspiring, the instructors and
                                                                    The Broward Center is recognized as a Top Ten National
              kids are so excited, engaged and having a great time
              learning about art and honing their own skills…great  Venue and largest provider of arts outreach programs
                                                                    nationally, hosting more shows and audiences than any
              things helping everyone get through the isolation at home
              with a little inspiration and fun. This will continue for local  other venue in Florida. Shanley is a member of the
                                                                    Reopening Advisory Committee, part of a professional
              students in the fall, part of the 25-year partnership as the

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