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                            Chef’s Recipe

                     From the kitchen of

               Chef Udo Mueller

                         at Coral Ridge Country Club

                    Pan Seared Diver Scallop

                   over Shaved Asparagus in

                             Saffron Sauce

                       4 each Scallops (U10 or bigger)

              The Sauce:
              Amount   Measure      Ingredient - Prep Method
                 1       pinch     saffron
                ½       medium     onion chopped
                ½        ounce     garlic chopped
                 4    fluid ounces  fish stock (or clam juice)
                 4    fluid ounces  white wine
                 1        cup      heavy cream
                 1       each      bay leaf
                1-2   tablespoon   butter
                                   S & P to taste

              The Sauce:
              Sauté the onion until translucent, add the bay leaf and
              saffron and deglaze with the white wine and fish stock.
              Let simmer and reduce by half. Add the heavy cream
              and let reduce by half. Season with S & P pour into a
              blender and on high speed, add the butter. Set aside
              and keep warm.
              On a mandolin, shave the asparagus lengthwise. Sauté
              with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
              In a pan with a little oil, sauté the Scallops on both sides
              for about 3-4 minutes until golden brown.
              Serve on top of the asparagus and drizzle with the
              saffron sauce. Garnish with some teardrop - or diced
              tomatoes. Serve with bread.

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