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                                              Vice-Mayor’s Message

                                              Water Leak Credits and Advanced Metering
                                              Infrastructure Software
                                                  have heard your concerns related to water bills with unexplained spikes in usage
                                                  and your frustration with getting a refund. In an effort to help you and find solutions,
                                              I the city is now implementing a new ordinance and installing new meters.
                                              The City Commission recently voted on a new ordinance to  amend the City’s Code of
                                              Ordinances  related to  credits for  water  leaks and unexplained usage in an attempt to
                                              simplify the  process  for utility billing and provide meaningful credits to neighbors  who
                                              experience billing irregularities.  The new ordinance  implemented changes  which
                                              included  reducing the number of applicable sections in the Code of Ordinances from
                                              twelve to seven, providing more consistency between these sections and changing the
                                              structure regarding how water leak and unexplained usage credits are processed.
                                              In addition to amending the code of ordinances to assist with leak credits  and
                                              unexplained usage,  the City  is installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure software
                  Heather Moraitis            (AMI), which is aimed at improving the accuracy of our water meter  readings city-wide.
                  District 1 Commissioner     AMI refers to using a system of water meters, technical hardware, communication
                   City of Fort Lauderdale
         network, and software that allows the capability to provide real-time monitoring of water
                                              use by neighbors on your electronic device.
                                              Shifting to an AMI system may offer many benefits including improved accuracy of water
                                              meter readings, the opportunity for customers to receive automated alerts for leaks and
                                              monitor their own usage, and the elimination of costs for manual water meter reading.
                                              AMI metering software may also assist  with reduced  water loss,  which will help to
                                              increase our conservation efforts.
                    City Hall, 8th Floor
                    100 N Andrews Ave         Since the Commission approved the funding for this project in the Fiscal Year 2022
                 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
                                              Budget, staff recommends retaining a consultant to assist with developing a Request for
                                              Proposal (RFP) for Citywide AMI and preparing and issuing an RFP for procurement of a
                                              Citywide AMI system. The meters will be installed in the beginning of Spring of 2023.
                                              If you have any questions, please call me at 954-828-5033 or email me at
                                     Follow me on Facebook @CommissionerHeatherMoraitis
                                              and Twitter @heathermoraitis for additional news, photos, and updates. Join me the first
                                              and third Monday of every month from 5PM – 6PM on Zoom to discuss neighborhood
                                              concerns and commission agenda items. Please email me for the zoom link. It is an
                    Office Contact             honor to serve you and our city!
                   Melissa Coningsby
                District 1 Commission Assistant
                      954.828.5033            Sincerely,
                                              Heather Moraitis
                                              Vice Mayor & District 1 Commissioner
                                              City of Fort Lauderdale


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