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                                              President’s Message

                                                  n this month’s issue we have another update on the security program from Vicki
                                                  Lynch. She is making good progress. We are also working on finalizing the
                                              Ilocations of the new speed cushions to be installed throughout the neighborhood in
                                              lieu of the stop signs we asked for. The City should have them by now, though we have
                                              not received official confirmation. We are trying to finalize the exact locations according
                                              to Transportation and Mobility guidelines. See page 20 for an update along with
                                              information on dips on Bayview Drive about which we have received many complaints.
                                              Thanks very much to everyone who sent in donation. A list of everyone who paid last
                                              month is included. Jeff Stich’s Treasurer’s report shows a little jump in our account
                                              balance. However, we have over 1200 single family homes, so what we received is
                                              appreciated, but it’s the proverbial drop in the bucket. So please fill out the form on
                                              page 10 and send back with your check for $100 so we can keep on making our
                                              neighborhood better.
                                              Thanks to Michelle Allen who has stepped up to help on a number of communication
                                              and branding fronts. We are thinking of renaming the association to the Coral Ridge
                                              Country Club Estates Community Association and Michele has come up with some logos.
                   Tim Hernandez              She is also working on an eblast list, as we know some people read the print newsletter,
                       President              but others respond better to virtual communication. She’s also submitted designs for a
                                              new association logo and we’ll pass along those we’re considering for your input soon.

                                              We are planning the annual meeting for January 19. We’ll do it both in person and by
                 Board of Directors           Zoom. We’ll post details on the web site, and eblast details out before then.

                                              We could use some volunteers to work on some of the projects I mentioned last month.
                     Bruce Quailey
                     Vice President           You don’t have to be a board member, just a volunteer. Here some that could be
                                              priorities, but there could be others:
                      Jeff Stich
                      Treasurer               • Landscaping (installation and maintenance) around and uplighting of the entry
                      Vicki Lynch             • Ornamental street signs such as are found in other neighborhoods (e.g., Colee
                                                Hammock, Victoria Park, Sailboat Bend and others)
                      Judy High               • License plate readers
                                              • Specimen trees in the Bayview roundabouts
                     Danny Grant
                                              • Neighborhood-wide block party or events.
                     Jason Ulbrich            Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to everyone.
                     David Hoenig             Thank you,

                                              Tim Hernandez
                     PO Box 39241
                                              Vice President
                Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339

                 Homeowners Association

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