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Atala                                                     LETTER

             Butterfly Experience

             Dear Annette:
                    hank you very much for the stunningly beautiful cover
                    of April’s HB which arrived at our home the day after
             TI had an amazingly rare encounter with the amazingly
             rare Atala Butterfly.

             During my lunch break at Port Everglades where I am
             employed as a Security Officer, I had a truly unique
             experience. As you can see in the photos below, an Atala
             landed inches from me on a picnic table at Terminal 18. As I
             marveled at the natural beauty of the Atala, a black bird
             swooped down in an effort to consume the butterfly.
             Fortunately, I was able to chase the bird away before he could
             accomplish his mission. In the excitement, to my dismay, the
             Atala (I have subsequently nicknamed him Atilla,) flew away
             but I was glad that my presence had saved his life. To my   Editor’s Note: We often receive emails from our neighbors
             astonishment, less than 10 seconds later, Atilla returned and   who receive this publication that offer opinions, ideas and
             landed initially on my uniform’s sleeve and then on my   comments on our coverage of civic and lifestyle issues in
             security vest where he remained for about six minutes. It   and around our Harbor Beach neighborhood. Upon receipt
             seemed almost surreal that during our time together, Atilla   of this note (at left & below), we simply had to share it with
             allowed me to lightly stroke his wings. Gratitude? Bonding?   you in this issue. Thank you to our neighbor, Bob Sellari, for
             Who knows? But I thought you and your readers might enjoy   sharing his magical experience with us!
             my brief but very special close encounter with Atilla Atala.  HB
             Best regards,
             Robert J. (Bob) Sellari

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