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                                          President’s Message continued

               • RVCA Board of Directors would like to have an idea  the needs, the City will pursue an offer. If not, the City will
                 of where traffic can be expected to re-route when  open up the list again and pursue other options.
                 trying to avoid raised speed humps on 9th.         Various special events recommendations were covered at
               • In light of the expense, extent of the work, and past split
                                                                    the 6/18/2019 Commission Meeting. The related memo
                 on this topic, the RVCA Board of Directors would like to  made a recommendation for establishing pre-defined
                 make sure that the expectations residents have are realistic.
                                                                    routes to choose from, aiming to have the least amount of
              The RVCA Board of Directors urges that residents      impact on residential neighborhoods as possible. On
              contribute to this decision. Please keep in mind that in  behalf of RVCA, I contacted our Commissioner and
              order for your household to vote you must be present at  requested that any suggested pre-defined route that
              the September 30, 2019 General Meeting and there must  touches the borders of or enters into Rio Vista be presented
              be a quorum in attendance. You are welcome to share   to RVCA prior to becoming a designated pre-defined
              your feedback, along with your name and address, by   route. I shared this same request with Ms. Sarah Spurlock
              emailing and it will be  on 4/29/2019 at the RVCA General Meeting.
              considered as part of the discussion. However, please  Please visit to sign-up for our
              keep in mind it is your VOTE that we are looking for.
                                                                    e-newsletter, see important materials and join RVCA. As we
              On another note, it is important for you to know that I am  obtain responses from the City on our requests, we will post
              communicating with our Commissioner on a monthly basis  them on the website and get them out in the newsletter in
              regarding an EMS substation to improve service to our  advance of the September 30th General Meeting.  RV
              neighborhood. As of 6/11/2019 the City has narrowed   Regards,
              the search down to two parcels south of the New River
              and has ordered appraisals. Once received, the City will  Christina Currie, Esq.
              weigh location, price, size, functionality and model  President
              anticipated response times. If one of the locations meets  Rio Vista Civic Association

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