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                                                          RVCA President’s Message

                                              DO YOU WANT HIGHER SPEED HUMPS ON SE
                                              9TH STREET FROM FEDERAL TO CORDOVA?
                                              VOTE 9/30/2019 AT THE RVCA GENERAL MEETING!

                                                   he City of Fort Lauderdale recently requested a “Letter of Support” from the
                                                   Rio Vista Civic Association which would facilitate the raising of existing speed
                                              Thumps on SE 9th Street from Federal Highway all the way to Cordova Road.
                                              The existing humps (2.5” high) would be demolished and new 4” high humps
                                              would be constructed if a Letter of Support were issued by RVCA.
                                              Historically, the height of speed humps in Rio Vista was a sensitive subject. Believe it
                                              or not, a decade after speed humps were installed on our neighborhood streets some
                                              residents in Rio Vista still refuse to support the RVCA’s efforts due to the installation of
                                              speed humps. The original humps were installed at a “low” height of 2.5 inches as a
                                              compromise. Please see the excellent article by Phil Bartholomew on pages 10 and
               Christina Currie, Esq.
                      President               12 of this issue on how our original Rio Vista speed bumps came about.
                                              In an attempt to best represent the desires of all current Rio Vista residents/families
                      OFFICERS                the RVCA Board will be asking the General Membership to take a position at our
                                              next General Meeting which is set for September 30, 2019 at the RV Church. In
                  Christina Currie, Esq.      order for households to make a fact-based decision, below is information provided
        by Christine W. Fanchi, PE, PTP, Transportation Engineering Design Manager in the
                     Vice President           Fort Lauderdale Transportation and Mobility Department (“TAM”).
                                                • This request was initiated by 3 residents of Rio Vista.
                       Treasurer                • What is the process?
                      Mark Snead                  o Once a Letter of Support is issued the City will get a construction bid/quote
                                                   for the work. Public works has agreed to support the request with funding and
                       Secretary                   TAM would be managing.
                      Fred Stresau
                   o It will take an estimated 8 weeks to obtain a quote and procure a contractor
                                                   through the City’s process. The City will determine the start date and
                   BOARD MEMBERS                   construction schedule and notify RVCA leadership.
                                                  o The TAM team will ensure the humps are properly located, match the SE 7 Street
                  Nancy Messing Brand
                        height, and they don’t anticipate adding more humps. A field visit will be the
                                                   method used to ensure proper spacing based on spacing and driveway locations.
                   William (Bill) Kirk
             • Construction around SE 9th Street, where the area runs into the Bethany
                                                  Christian School drop off and pick up line, will be coordinated to minimize
                      Sam Koster
                        disruption to the construction and the school. The project would likely be done
                                                  over the summer break.
                      Tom Maus
                • The humps on SE 7 Street were raised at the request of the prior District
                                                  Commissioner using Fiscal Year 2018 transportation maintenance funding
                     Eladio Perez
                      which is no longer available. RVCA Board of Directors has no record of the
                                                  issuance of a Letter of Support.
                      Rob Ward
                  Immediately after discussing this topic at the May 16, 2019 RVCA Board Meeting
                                              a request was sent to Ms. Fanchi for a traffic study. As of the date of this writing,
               COUNSEL TO THE BOARD           we have not received word back on that request. The purposes of our requesting
                   Charles Tatelbaum          the traffic study are as follows:
                                                • RVCA Board of Directors wants to be sure the actual speed, not perceived speed, of
                                                  vehicles is being considered in the decision to move forward on this project.

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