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                                      LHIA President’s Message continued

              COVID-19 Plasma Donors Needed                         She met her husband, David Sage in Brazil while he was
              According to the Broward County Medical Reserve Corps  working with EMBRAER AIRCRAFT. Later he was
              (BCMRC), there is a critical shortage of plasma in our  transferred to Fort Lauderdale.
              community. If you tested positive for COVID-19, a small  In Florida, she worked for Environmental Companies in
              amount of your blood could save the life of someone   Miami and Fort Lauderdale as a Geologist doing
              suffering from the coronavirus right now. Donating plasma  remediation programs for soil and water after chemical spills.
              is safe and easy. Individuals interested in donating may
              visit to register. Thank you for being a hero!  She has 2 children, Dean 26 and Ayla 22 that grew up in
                                                                    the Lauderdale Harbors neighborhood and Lauderdale
              I would like to introduce Aimara Sage, our new        Yacht Club, always doing ocean activities.
              Vice President:
                                                                    She also did volunteer work with their school, Discovery
                                 Aimara Linn Sage was born in Porto
                                                                    Museum and some Health centers. She is now a Realtor
                                 Alegre, a city in the south of Brazil
                                                                    with Coldwell Banker and teaches and practices Tai Chi. RV
                                 where her grandparents settled after
                                 arriving from Germany and Austria.  Ed Rebholz
                                 She graduated with a degree in     President
                                 Marine Geology and worked many     Lauderdale Harbors Improvement Association
                                 years doing research in Brazil and
                                 Antarctica before she moved to
                                 Florida in 1986.

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