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                         Protect Rio Vista | Rio Vista Civic Association

             PATROL LOGS


              As we continue to attempt to improve communications in the community regarding crime and the great work
              of the Protect Rio Vista Patrol, we will continue to summarize the past two months of security logs in this
              space. In the past, only the most recent log was included and often only a fraction of it due to space
              constraints. As always, the full logs can be accessed on our website at
              We hope you will find this useful.

              Saturday June 20th, 2020                              Responded within seconds and contacted the folks. Very
                                                                    nice people who wanted to get a closer approach to the
              1600 Resident saw a B/M on her RING doorbell, he
              walked to the side of the house and started spraying  sand bar. Advised them that off-loading a raft on the water
              something. He left something on her front door. She   without a ramp was not safe and legal. They left without
              wanted the house checked as she believed her house was  any issues and the encounter was extremely pleasant.
              being cased. Turns out it was her pest control company.
              House secure all the way around.                      Friday, 31 July 2020
                                                                    1800 Monitored traffic by 11th Ct. & Cordova. There is a
              Thursday, 2 July 2020                                 lot of traffic with cars and golf carts. However, none of the
                                                                    vehicles appear to be speeding.
              1210 Responded with patrol ref. stolen car, sounded like
              a ‘follow behind’ theft. Looks like suspect followed the  Tuesday, August 4 2020
              victim until the opportunity was available. Suspect W/M,
              6’, with a yellow striped shirt took the vehicle with keys left  1830 Upon arrival into Rio Vista, was immediately
              inside parked in roadway, patrol took report.         flagged down about a possible homeless subject in the
                                                                    1100 blk of NRV who was “passed out on the sidewalk.”
              Friday, 3 July 2020                                   The mental health consumer subject was just released from
                                                                    BHMC after being Baker Acted. He was lost and trying to
              1000 Spoke to a resident who asked to please keep an
              eye open for illegal parking at the end of 10th St. isles.  get to Wilton Manors; was provided a courtesy transport
                                                                    to his address in Wilton Manors without incident.
              Thursday, 23 July 2020
                                                                    Friday, 7 August 2020
              1600 Continued patrolling the area. Received an email
              regarding suspicious subject. Canvassed the area for  2115 Call for service received. Resident called about an
                                                                    unresponsive male in a neighbor’s yard. Upon arrival, the
              about 15 minutes. No sign of subject. WM, 20-22,
              wearing blue hat, white shirt and black pants.        homeless male was found to be sleeping in the swale.
                                                                    After making contact with the male it was determined that
              Saturday, 25 July 2020                                EMS was better suited to address his issues. They
                                                                    responded and transported the male.
              1900 Received a text regarding a group of people in a
              truck off-loading a raft at the end of SE 10 Street.

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