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                                                          RVCA President’s Message

                                                   he next Rio Vista General Meeting will be held via Zoom on September 21,
                                                   2020 at 7:30PM. Members of the RVCA are invited to attend the virtual
                                              Tmeeting. We will have a brief update from the Fort Lauderdale Downtown
                                              Development Authority to hear about the current downtown initiatives. Additionally,
                                              Raj Verma the Director of Public Works will provide an overview of Tarpon River
                                              Restoration Clean-Up. Commissioner Sorensen is also scheduled to participate.
                                              Virtual meeting access details will be shared with members via email. Please visit
                                     to join RVCA and to sign up for our newsletter which, as
                                              always, is available to anyone- membership in RVCA is not prerequisite.
                                              If your household is a member of RVCA please be sure to login to the Zoom General
                                              Meeting so that our quorum requirement is met. As you may remember, we still
                                              need a quorum and vote to make the addition of our newest and hard-working
                                              members of the Board of Directors official. We’ve been lucky to have Dr. “JJ” Rajter
               Christina Currie, Esq.         take on the role of Disaster Preparedness Committee Chair. Lori Sterling has been
                      President               doing a wonderful job boosting the membership numbers and our social media
                                              presence as RVCA’s Membership Committee Chair. Julie Hough worked side by
                      OFFICERS                side with Chuck Tatelbaum (Counsel to the Board) to plan our well attended School
                       President              Board Candidates Forum in July. If you want to be able to vote for your household
                  Christina Currie, Esq.      you can find the link to join RVCA on our website.
                                              On September 1st, the City Commission voted in support of the purchase of land for
                     Vice President           an EMS Substation at 507 SE 11th Court which will reduce response times to our
                      Mark Snead
               neighborhood. A request has been made by the RVCA Board to explore the install
                                              of an emergency turnaround at 11th Court and Federal. The Commission also voted
                      Fred Stresau            in support of placement of “No Thru Trucks” signage near Federal at 7th Street, 9th
               Street, and 12th Street to aid in decreasing cut-thru traffic in Rio Vista, enhance the
                                              safety of our streets, and alert commercial drivers of the restriction.
                      Mark Snead              Here is a quick update on the status of VY and Hector Park restorations/rebuild.
        The contractor has delayed their mobilization efforts until September 14th. This was
                                              done in order to ensure that both the watermain and stormwater improvements are
                   BOARD MEMBERS
                                              built concurrently, which would trim the construction time and minimize any traffic
                  Nancy Messing Brand
                                              and noise impacts in the area. Once these improvements are completed, the parks
                      Julie Hough             restoration would follow. The city expects the project to be completed by early to
                   William (Bill) Kirk        mid-December. Not related to parks but also noteworthy, in providing feedback on
                      Sam Koster              the Downtown Master Plan the RVCA Board has requested the City explore the
                                              addition of a minimum residential unit size in the Downtown area similar to what
                   Jean-Jacques Rajter
                                              exists in other parts of Fort Lauderdale.
                      Lori Sterling
                                              This print edition of RIO VISTA & LAUDERDALE HARBORS will be the last one before
                    Warren Sturman
                 Immediate Past President     Halloween which is typically a busy night in Rio Vista. Please note that in light of
                                              the COVID-19 pandemic the RVCA Board of Directors plans on working with city
               COUNSEL TO THE BOARD           staff and the scheduled FLPD detail officers to prevent crowds and assist in
                   Charles Tatelbaum          maintaining compliance with COVID-19 related Orders. We thank you in advance
                                              for implementing creative solutions to your typical celebrations during this time.
                                              Please join the Protect Rio Vista security program and you will help to fund detail
                                              officers on Halloween. Members of the patrol will be provided a cell phone number
                                              for the on-duty officer and vacation property checks.

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