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                                                      RVCA Update

                CORDOVA & 12TH

                             received an inquiry from residents     • The vehicular volume entering the intersection from the
              RVCA regarding the intersection of Cordova              minor street approaches (total of both approaches) is at
              Road and SE 12th Street. Residents were interested in   least 200 vehicles per hour for the same eight (8) hours.
              changes to the intersection geared towards increasing  • Besides the above traffic volume criteria, another
              safety. On behalf of the RVCA I communicated with       justification for the consideration of an all-way stop
                                                                      control is five (5) or more reported crashes in a 12-
              Darci L. Mayer with the Broward MPO on the matter.
                                                                      month period that are susceptible to correction by a
              Darci is a Senior City Transportation Planner in Planning
                                                                      multi-way stop installation.
              and Programming for our City.
              Here is what we learned from Darci Mayer: With regard to  Related Updates
              this intersection, the City has a formal agreement with the  A traffic study has been requested based on resident
              County to maintain all pavement markings and signs,   feedback for 11th Court and the County is expected to
              therefore any modifications or requests need to be    conduct it in September. COVID-19 has delayed their work.
              approved by the County. The intersection has been studied
                                                                    RVCA’s Board has approved the Transportation and
              several times over the past couple years and does not meet
              the criteria for a new stop sign. The County will not install a  Mobility Departments map of proposed “No Thru Trucks”
                                                                    signs for our neighborhood in response to 9th Street
              new sign if that criteria is not met. Since there have been
              numerous requests for this intersection, the City developed  resident requests and it will be presented
                                                                    to the Commission for approval
              a trial concept for a roundabout in 2018. The roundabout
              plan was submitted to the County, but it was not approved.  in September. RV
              The County found that traffic levels at the intersection did
              not meet the criteria to warrant a roundabout.
              Recently, City Engineering staff has further evaluated the
              intersection and has concerns about any improvements that
              could impact the marine traffic entering the Lauderdale
              Yacht Club. At this time, the City does not have any funds
              identified to improve the intersection, however the County
              and City are still communicating about solutions and I can
              provide you any updates as they occur.
              Additionally, Ms. Mayer provided us with a helpful
              summary on the criteria referenced. Per Broward County,
              the Traffic Engineering Division (BCTED) considers criteria
              set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
              (MUTCD). The all-way stop control warrant studies are
              performed in accordance with the guidelines identified in
              MUTCD. BCTED has not accepted petitions for the
              installation of STOP signs.
              To summarize, the following criteria must be met:
              • The vehicular volume entering the intersection from the
               major street approaches (total of both approaches) is at
               least 300 vehicles per hour for any eight (8) hours of an
               average day; and

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