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                                                   For Your Health

                               Rx for Happy Patients:

                             FOLLOW THE

                         GOLDEN RULE

                                                   By William Leone, MD

                  rom the moment I launched my practice
                  more than two decades ago, I have made a
              Fpoint of evaluating each patient’s experience
              from their perspective, not mine. Their experience
              begins long before they arrive at my office,
              typically with Googling me and spending time on
              my website, where they find a great deal of
              helpful information. If they like what they see, the
              next step is calling my office to schedule an
              appointment. A friendly, personal greeting and a
              helpful response from a real person gets the
              relationship off to a healthy start.
              I never lose sight of the fact that trusting a surgical
              team requires a leap of faith on the part of the
              patient. It is then up to my team and me to deliver
              an experience that validates the trust they have
              placed in us. Respect for their time plays a major
              role. Long waits in a doctor’s reception area are among the  Health care surveys reveal that price is not the primary
              most common patient gripes and can be eliminated with more  criterion when choosing a surgeon. Most patients are far
              realistic scheduling of the doctor’s time. And speaking of time,  more concerned about two things: the doctor’s competency
              patients want a doctor who takes the time to listen attentively  and the overall personal experience they have with the doctor
              as they describe their symptoms and concerns.         and members of the staff.
              Patients also tell us they want a doctor who respects what  COVID-19 has forced surgeons and their teams to perfect the
              they say, actively listens as they describe their issues and asks  art of providing trusted and reliable care both in the office
              questions to find out more. They want a responsive support  and via telemedicine appointments. Whether we meet with
              staff that welcomes them, makes them feel comfortable and  patients in person or virtually, our prescription for happy
              expedites their requests.                             patient experiences remains the same: We treat our patients
                                                                    as we would like to be treated ourselves.
              As I see it, the foundation for a mutually respectful
              relationship between a patient and a surgeon is as basic as  If you would like a personal consultation,
              the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do  please contact our office at 954-489-4584 or by
              unto you. Respect their time, address their questions and  email at n
              concerns. Show them you care. It may sound simple, but most
              of us have experienced medical offices that fall short.

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