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                                              Neighbors & Friends

                               Casa Frida Celebrates

                                  TEN YEARS

                                                 By Jana Soeldner Danger

                    asa Frida is celebrating a milestone anniversary:
                    Julietta and Victor Bocos, owners of the popular Fort
              CLauderdale restaurant, have been bringing the luscious,
              authentic flavors of Mexico to South Florida for 10 years.
              Casa Frida is far from the typical Mexican restaurant found in
              Florida. Instead of the usual Tex-Mex fare, it brings to life
              traditional dishes steeped in hundreds of years of culinary
              history dating back to the Mayans and Aztecs, along with
              attention to modern tastes.
              The Bocos love what they do, and they enjoy sharing their
              knowledge of the foods of Mexico with customers, many of
              whom have been coming to the restaurant for years. Victor
              recalls that creating the unique concept a decade ago took
              determination. “It wasn’t easy in the beginning,” he says.
              “We have dishes you won’t find anywhere else, and people
              have to be adventurous to try something different.”
              Frida Casa’s talented chefs use traditional techniques to
              create signature dishes that blend Mexico’s old and new
              cuisines, and the menu changes continually to showcase fare
              from different regions of the country. “There’s a lot of diversity
              and variety, and people get to try new things.” Victor says.
              The restaurant is named for Frida Kahlo, arguably Mexico’s
              most famous artist, who lived just three blocks from Victor
              while he was growing up. The vibrant interior features
              colorful walls displaying the famed painter’s portraits, and in
              further tribute, some of the menu items are based on the   from14 varieties of tacos for just $3 each, and enjoy
              artist’s recipes. “Frida loved to cook, and she’d make special   homemade salsas, free tequila shots and merengue music.
              dishes for friends who came to her house,” Victor says.  Drink selections include fruity, flavorful margaritas conjured
              A few of them: Mayan roasted leg of pork wrapped in   from freshly squeezed juices and a large selection of fine
              banana leaves; boneless leg of lamb marinated in adobo;   sipping tequilas.
              and roasted poblano peppers stuffed with ground sirloin,   What’s the secret of the Bocos’ decade of success?
              almonds, apples and pears, topped with walnut tequila   “Consistency,” Victor says. “Good quality products. And the
              cream sauce.
                                                                    passion we have for what we do—bringing the magic, the
              The menu also offers elegant seafood selections, as well as   mystique, the traditions and the art of the Mexican people to
              more casual fare like fajitas, burritos and enchiladas. On the   South Florida.” n

              restaurant’s popular Taco Tuesdays, guests can choose

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