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                                            Neighborhood Update

               COMMITTEE REPORTS

              Public Works Committee                                The Association has also requested of the Transportation and
              By Tom Brinkley                                       Mobility Department, along with a request of our City
                                                                    Commissioner, to include “design planning dollars” for future
              Street Sweeping. The city’s street sweeping supervisor has   Bayview Drive improvements that will mimic the improvements
              confirmed that the sweeper will be scheduled for Friday  on Bayview Drive between Sunrise Boulevard and Commercial
              rather than Thursday so as to avoid any conflicts with trash   Boulevard (which improvements are scheduled to commence
              containers in the curb areas going forward. They will be   mid-summer of 2022). While securing the needed funds could
              sweeping both the standing curbs adjacent to the medians,   take several years, with a preliminary design in-hand to utilize
              and the valley curbs outside of the travel lanes on Bayview   in establishing projected costs, the City will then be in a
              Drive and NE 55th Street. This will help to minimize the   position to research grants and identify additional funding
              volume of “leaf accumulation” that occurs at the storm drain   sources for the project.
              inlets (which discharge directly into the waterways).  Traffic Control. The Association has contacted Public Works
              The city does not sweep the “non-median streets” in the   and Traffic and Mobility to request some form of traffic
              Landings with their current street-sweeping program. While the   calming be provided for the “blind curve” at the intersection of
              accumulation of debris is less due to the absence of street trees,   NE 55th Place, NE 55th Lane and NE 31st Avenue. The initial
              there is certainly a need for periodic maintenance. The city   request has been for the installation of signage that notifies
              advises that if leaf accumulation does occur on these streets, a   drivers of the blind curve and indicates a speed limit of 15
              call to the City of Fort Lauderdale Dispatcher (954-828-8000)   mph on the curve. We have requested a meeting with the City
              with the street address nearest to the catch basin will help and   Engineers and representatives of the Board to walk the area
              Public Works will dispatch a cleaning crew.           and define an acceptable solution to all the parties.
              NOTE: We as property owners need to do our part as well!  Median and Entry Improvements. The Association has
              By requiring our Landscape Maintenance Contractors to provide   requested from Parks & Recreation that maintenance of these
              catch-bags on their lawn mowing equipment, and to pick-up /  planted areas receive more attention. We have also requested
              collect all cuttings and debris (not allow the debris to be blown   additional landscaping improvements be installed in the
              into the street and waterways), will make a huge difference in   Bayview Drive medians. A meeting has been scheduled for
              the volume of cuttings and nutrients that are currently finding   1/27 to review various options and define a path forward.
              their way into the storm drains and our waterways.
              Bridges and Columns. The city’s Public Works Senior Engineer   Security Committee
              (Raymond Nazaire) has confirmed that they have received   By Tom Brinkley
              pricing for the repair of the “leaning” south Bayview Drive
              monument column and have requested funding for this project   Criminal Activity. Unfortunately, several residents of The
                                                                    Landings have experienced various levels of criminal activity
              along with the needed repairs to the failing concrete bridge   within the past several months. The LPR Cameras at the four
              abutments. We are working to ensure its inclusion in the City’s   exit points are operational and should provide the Police with
              2022 approved budget.
                                                                    an additional tool in their investigative efforts.
              Roadways and Bike Lanes. The city's Department of
              Transportation and Mobility has confirmed that that their 2022   Case Resolution. Re: one of the recent vehicle thefts…due to
              Budget Requests include the Association's requested “bike lane   On-Star Technology, neighborhood support, Police
              buffer striping” on Bayview Drive between NE 52nd Street and   investigative diligence and a “little luck”, the vehicle was
              NE 60th Street. This effort will better define and widen the bike   recovered and an eventual arrest was made.
              lane and pedestrian walking area along Bayview Drive in both   Lighting. A couple of our dedicated neighbors, Anthony Billera
              North and South directions.                           and Alex Broskey, continue to report street light outages to the
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