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                                     N e i g h b o r h o o d        Update          continued

              City and FPL. As the street lights are an important factor in  board and membership have become stronger and our
              “neighborhood security”, we would encourage other owners   partnership with the city deeper.”
              within the Community to report outages. The FPL link to report   She mentioned how the council’s intent is to lift each other up
              outages is:   and help our community be better. A better community starts
              or their phone number is 797-5000, or you can report the   with informed citizens. “The Council does not take sides on
              outage to the city at   specific topics, rather we work to obtain information from
              Police Community Interface. Since being advised of recent  knowledgeable experts in our community, so that will help you
              “policy/staffing changes” within FLPD, LRA has received a   understand the citywide topics that cross our desks”.
              communication from Capt. Robert Dietrich advising that Lt.   January, 2022 meeting speakers and topics
              Ron Magno will serve as our primary contact for       Dr. JJ Rajter, Covid Update. As he predicted at earlier
              “neighborhood concerns.” His email address is:        meetings, we saw another spike in December. The good news
     As always, Capt. Dietrich is   is that the virus is not as pathogenic, or infectious. You are less
              available at /954-828-7309.
                                                                    likely to be severely ill. But the virus is 500 times more
              Reports. FLPD will continue to provide the Board with monthly   contagious and it is fair game for all of us.
              updates as to the status/resolution of “reported crimes” within
              the period (e.g.: auto thefts, auto break-ins, burglaries and   He did say that we are currently at our peak and that we
                                                                    should see a quick downfall after two weeks as that is what
              other violations of concern) within The Landings.
                                                                    happened in Africa. So, by the end of the month of January,
              LPR Cameras. In order to review the effectiveness of the LPR   we should have seen the worst of it.
              Cameras on an ongoing basis, we have requested quarterly
              updates from FLPD. Note: This is an evolving process and we   Regarding protecting ourselves, he mentioned that regular
              will provide additional updates as we finalize a reporting   disposable masks only last 4-5 hours before they disintegrate
                                                                    and should not be reused. He noted that the KN95 masks are
              arrangement with them.
                                                                    more effective in protecting you and can, in fact, be reused.
              More Neighborhood Involvement. Maintaining private    Especially if hanging in your car exposed to the sun. Eyeglasses
              cameras about our properties affords the Police Department   can help but shields are better. He also noted that historically,
              an additional tool in resolving crimes. We are advised that   the duration of a pandemic has been 2.5 years and after that it
              the Police Department has technology to allow neighbors and   becomes harder and harder for new variants to mutate.
              business owners to share video evidence, in the case of a
              crime being captured on video. The responding officers are   Dr. Nancy Gassman, Assistant Director of Public Works
              trained on this technology and are able to provide access to   discussed Waterway Quality. She informed us that water
              crime victims and witnesses. If the video is not able to be   quality is many things, e.g. temperature, color, bacteria and
              uploaded through the secure network, a detective from the   chemical composition, and she outlined what is being done to
              Department’s Technical Services Unit will meet with the video   monitor and improve our waterway quality. Some of the items
                                                                    that she mentioned were: installation of special devices in our
              holder to obtain the video for evidentiary purposes.
                                                                    catch basins; weekly water checks; street sweeping; canal
              Be Alert. We, as neighbors, should be on the alert for unusual   cleaning; outreach regarding fertilizers and warnings not to
              activities on our streets and be proactive in recording tags and   use them during the summer months; and proposed use of
              reporting unfamiliar individuals. The police depend on us, as   mobile pump out boats at low costs. Dr. Gassman’s
              much as we depend on them!!                           presentation will be posted on the council’s website and if you
                                                                    have any water quality concerns, please call 954-828-8000.
              CFLCA Committee                                       Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager, provided a City update. A

              By Helena Cooper                                      train tunnel under the New River vs. a bridge is still being
              The Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Association meeting on   discussed; the City is looking at 4 unsolicited proposals for a
              January 11th started off with Colleen Lockwood announcing   new water plant; Bahia Mar-plans are in the works for condos
              she was stepping down as president of the Council as of   but there will be careful considerations made to park retention
              February. First Vice-President, Mary Peloquin, will take over   and accommodating for the boat show; A Pier 66 proposal for
              until the special election is held. Colleen thanked the council   two 500-foot buildings is in the community outreach stage right
              and their accomplishments these last years. She said, “Our  now.  n

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