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                                              CRCCE HOA Update

                                                      fter cars and trucks cutting through Coral Ridge Country Club Estates, the
                                                      second most prevalent concern we hear around the community has to do with
                                              A crime. Not violent crime, as that is rare, but robberies, burglaries and thefts.

                                              Though crime has been trending downward, according to statistics published by
                                              City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department (
                                              statistics), residents still regularly experience incidents in the categories listed above.
                                              The following chart provides a summary of crimes in our neighborhood for the
                                              14-year period from 2006 to 2019.

                                                                                                 Source: Fort Lauderdale Police Department.
                                              This next chart shows a year to date comparison for the past ten years, from 2011
                                              to this year, 2020, for the months of January to October.
                   Tim Hernandez
                     Vice President

                 Board of Directors
                                              These tables show crimes have dropped significantly, but we are still experiencing
                     Bruce Quailey            slightly over 1.5 robberies, burglaries and thefts per week.
                                              Like most neighborhoods in the City, CRCCE is an open neighborhood with many
                      Vicki Lynch             ways in and out. Several neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale, including Rio Vista,
                                              Sunrise Intracoastal and Harbor Beach have entered into arrangements with the City
                      Judy High               which provide for off-duty police officers to patrol their neighborhoods in squad
                                              police vehicles to augment the normal patrols conducted by on duty officers. These
                    Brian O'Connell           communities have similar demographics as Coral Ridge Country Club Estates and
                  have voluntary associations with no mandatory assessments. In communications with
                                              Bill Concannon of Sunrise Intracoastal and Mark Snead of Rio Vista, I learned the
                     Jason Ulbrich

                      Jeff Stich              - Sunrise Intracoastal has 200 homes and budgets about $80,000 per year for off

                     duty police patrols in their neighborhood. The annual HOA dues are $700 per year,
                                              about $400 of which goes toward the patrols; the rest goes for other expenses and
                    Tim Hernandez
                     Thernandez@              activities. They get about 40 hours per week of police patrols, an average of about
             6 hours per day. Some days they get more coverage and some days they have no
                                              coverage. According to Mr. Concannon, they get nearly 100% participation from
                    Leslie Donofrio
                their homeowners in the program.
                                              - Rio Vista has 1000 homes and budgets about $180,000 per year for off-duty
                                              police patrols in their neighborhood. They charge about $365 of their $400 per
                                              household annual dues payment for the patrols. They have about 400 of the 1000
                                              households participate. Their larger budget gets them about 70 hours per week of
                 Homeowners Association       patrols, or about 10 hours per day, but Rio Vista is, of course, a much larger
                                              neighborhood than Sunrise Intracoastal.
                                              Rio Vista is probably the better comparison, given the diversity of housing stock,
                                              multiple entries into the neighborhood, adjacent commercial uses and size.
                                              According to US Census data, Coral Ridge Country Club Estates has about 1270

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