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                                              HOA Update continued

                                            single family homes and  The HOA has requested the
                                         another 2400 multi-family  installation of additional
                                          units in the neighborhood.  stop signs to stop—or at
                                           These numbers were       least slow down-- cut
                                            cross checked against   through traffic. New
                                            US Postal Service data,  stop signs were
                                           which indicates we have  requested at various
                                          a total of about 3500     locations throughout
                                         residential addresses on   the neighborhood.
                                         postal routes in the       The Board feels this is
                                         neighborhood.              the most cost-effective way
                                                                    of calming traffic. Broward
              If we got the same 40% participation rate from our single
              family homes as Rio Vista, we could fund a similar number  County Traffic Engineering must
              of patrols. The Board would like to hear from CRCCE   approve all new traffic control devices and they are
              residents if there is interest in establishing such a program  reluctant to do so because traffic volumes do not meet State
              in our community. Would you be willing to contribute about  “Green Book” standards. County Commissioner Lamar
              $400 annually to help fund off duty police patrols in  Fisher, City Commissioner Heather Moraitis and City
              CRCCE? If so, please let us know by sending an email to  Transportation & Mobility Director Ben Rogers have all
              me at with “CRCCE Security”  been working with the HOA to try to convince the County
              in the subject line. If there is sufficient interest, the Board  staff to allow the installation of the additional stop signs. A
              will form a committee to evaluate the best way to     Zoom meeting on the subject has been scheduled for the
              implement a program like this.                        first week in January. We’ll report results in the next issue.
                                                                    Tim Hernandez
              Bayview Drive Sewer Project
                                                                    Vice President
              Everyone on the east side of the community will be very
              happy when Bayview Drive will be reopened to two way  Timothy L. Hernandez, AICP, is an urban planner, builder and
              traffic. Danny Grant elicited this response from Victor  developer and a member of the American Institute of Certified
              Menocal, Senior Project Manager for Murphy Pipeline, the  Planners. He is co-founder of New Urban Communities, a
              contractor for the project: “We are expecting to complete  Delray Beach based development firm specializing in urban
              the pipe installation by end of year (2020). The trench  infill and redevelopment and a 28 year resident of Coral
              restoration will be completed in mid-January 2021. Hope  Ridge Country Club Estates. He is Developer in Residence for
              that helps clarify a bit.”                            the University Miami Masters in Real Estate and Urbanism
                                                                    program. Current projects include the Pompano Beach Fishing
              According to City Transportation and Mobility Director Ben
              Rogers, “I reached out to the Public Works project    Village commercial redevelopment at the Pompano Pier, the
                                                                       Village at Wilton Manors townhomes and Azul Apartments
              manager and learned the crews had to demobilize
              during the heavy rains and King Tides in November          in Stuart. Tim can be reached via email at
              which pushed back the timeline. It is scheduled
              to be reopened at the end of January 2021.”
              So there is light at the end of Bayview.

              CRCCE Neighborhood
              Traffic Calming
              Several initiatives are underway to calm
              traffic in the neighborhood. The City’s
              Transportation and Mobility Department has
              agreed to install about 20 “Slow Children at Play”
              signs all over the neighborhood.

           6 6                                      CORAL RIDGE COUNTR Y CLUB EST A TES HOA
                                                    CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES HOA
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