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                                               Message from the Mayor

                                              New Year will bring opportunities to
                                              shape an iconic, vibrant downtown

                                                      he holidays are upon us. To some, it may seem as if COVID-19 has covered
                                                      our lives with a wet blanket and dampened our spirits at a time of year we
                                              T all look forward to.
                                              Many of the annual traditions that we love and appreciate were postponed or
                                              cancelled, including Fort Lauderdale’s Winterfest Boat Parade and the festive tree-
                                              lighting events. The New Year’s Eve anchor-drop did occur along with an evening of
                                              entertainment, but it was done virtually.
                                              The good news for 2021 is that vaccines are already being administered. Hopefully,
                                              by summer, we will have a return to normalcy. But please keep the health of yourself
                                              and others in mind as you celebrate the holidays. The virus remains very much with
                                              us. Infection rates locally are still high, so practicing social distancing and using face
                   Dean Trantalis
                        Mayor,                masks are critical.
                   City of Fort Lauderdale
         When the City Commission returns to business in the new year, one of the issues that
                                              will take particular significance is the re-envisioning of our downtown.
                                              Recent private development has created an urban core that most could not have
                                              imagined a decade ago. Now, our job is to ensure this becomes truly an urban
                                              village and that we craft an exciting public realm for the area.
                                              It’s a rare opportunity that many communities wish they could have. Many new and
                    City Hall, 8th Floor      exciting eateries and places to explore are making Fort Lauderdale that much more
                    100 N Andrews Ave         exciting. We should all look boldly to the future and fashion a vibrant downtown
                  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
                                              that speaks strongly as to who we are as a community.
                                              With more people coming into the area, that means more traffic. As we examine
                                              new ways to get around, one such approach will be commuter rail service along the
                                              Florida East Coast railroad, expanding upon the Brightline network that temporarily
                                              halted at the height of the COVID pandemic.
                                              That pause has allowed us to discuss more in-depth what the future looks like for
                                              public transportation. Given the traffic congestion in South Florida, we need to move
                                              ahead with a more localized commuter rail than Brightline offered.
                     Office Contact
                     Scott Wyman              Miami-Dade County has led the way with a recent agreement that would create
                      Chief of Staff
                    Office of the Mayor       multiple local stops along the tracks in its jurisdiction. We need to follow suit.
           The Brightline station downtown should be a hub of a service within Broward of
                                              stops at the international airport and communities to our north and south and then
                                              beyond to Palm Beach and Miami.
                                              While commuter rail is important for our long-term future, the city of Fort Lauderdale
                                              must ensure it fits as well as possible within the vision of downtown.
                                              We face a difficult decision on how the service crosses the New River. The old train
                                              bridge simply cannot handle increased rail traffic without having a major impact on
                                              our economically vital marine industry. We must also realize that the increased
                                              number of trains will be another headache for vehicular traffic at each train crossing.

                                                                     CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES HOA
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