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                                              Broward Vice Mayor’s Message

                                              Dear Community Members,

                                                       ello April and a special greeting to all the new District 4 residents! It is with
                                                       great excitement that I welcome residents of the Harbor Beach community to
                                              HDistrict 4. Due to redistricting, District 4 gained many new communities and
                                              associations in the City of Fort Lauderdale. I look forward to working with you as we
                                              continue to move our community forward. Here are several updates the Broward County
                                              Commission and employees have been working on.

                                              Convention Center Project and Bypass Road Update
                                              As you may be aware, the County Commission undertook this major project of
                                              expanding the Broward County Convention Center and adding a new headquarters
                                              hotel in 2016. I’m proud to say the project has been moving forward accordingly and
                                              the Commission took the right steps to make sure the project continued even through the
                                              difficulty and height of the pandemic. The vertical construction for the Hotel and East
                                              Expansion commenced in the past couple weeks. Bonds were issued in December for
                                              the East Expansion and will be issued for the Hotel in April.
                   Lamar P. Fisher
                 Broward County Vice Mayor,
                   Commission District 4

                     Broward County
                    Governmental Center
                115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 412
                  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

                                              Rendering of planned plaza area, which will have views of the waterfront and downtown Fort Lauderdale
                                              for residents and visitors.
                                              Additionally, the County continues
                                              to work on the Bypass Road Project
                  Commission Assistant        which will alleviate traffic
                     Mabel Hurtado
                congestion on 17th Street. Design is
                     Tel: 954-357-7004        in process, still following the same
                                              route from the south of Federal Hwy
                                              to 24th Street to Eisenhower Blvd to
                                              17th Street.  Staff is currently
                                              working with FPL to move poles to
                                              widen the north end of Eisenhower
                                              Blvd – widening work should start
                                              later this year.  Construction on the
                                              rest of the Bypass Road is scheduled to start in 2023. For more information on the
                                              Convention Center Project and updates, visit

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