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                                              President’s Message

                                                    pring is has sprung in Harbor Beach and she is
                                                    giving us spectacular "Chamber of Commerce"
                                              Sweather and a grand display of beautiful
                                              blooming trees and flowers all around us! Please take
                                              a moment to get outside and enjoy it before Summer
                                              steals it away!
                                              The very rare Atala Butterfly graces the cover of this
                                              issue. Joining our new neighbors flocking here from
                                              New York, California, Virginia and beyond, the Atala
                                              Butterfly, once thought extinct in Broward, has taken up
                                              residence in the native Coontie in our Butterfly Garden!
                                              Establishing new breeding ground for the Atala is very
                                              exciting because the Lepidopterologists said it was
                                              impossible. The Atala was too far gone to re-establish a
                                              presence yet their arrival here proves once again:
                                              "Build it and they will come".
                    Annette Ross
                      President               Please see the photos of the various life stages of the
                                              Atala and if you see any form of the immature butterfly
                                              in your yard or garden please leave them be and don't
                 Harbor Beach Property
              Homeowners Association, Inc.    call your exterminator as those are "good" caterpillars!
                   1322 SE 17th Street        Welcome back Atalas!
              Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316  Many new developments are on the horizon in Harbor
                    954-401-2007c             Beach including welcoming our new Broward County
           Commissioner Vice-Mayor Llamar Fisher to the
                                              neighborhood! We thank him and our Fort Lauderdale
                                              City Commissioner Ben Sorensen for taking the time out
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS              of their schedules to attend our Annual Meeting. A
                                              synopsis of the minutes of the Harbor Beach Property
                    Ann Cadwalader
                                              Homeowners Association and HBI Security Annual
                    Trish Bailey-Entin        Meeting is inside. The meeting had great energy and
                                              was enthusiastically attended by a large group of
                       Pat Riley
                                              friends and neighbors old and new!
                     Annette Ross

                    Barry Somerstein
                    Isobel Sturgeon

                     Jake Wurzak
                                                 from Chrysalis
                                                 to Butterfly

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