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                                    Presidents Message continued

              High nesting season for birds and                     Keep cats indoors when at all possible. Domestic cats are the
              other wildlife in Florida runs from                   number one threat to native birds! If you feed yours or
              February to October.                                  community cats outdoors, feed them and then remove the
              During nesting season, avoid "kidnapping" baby birds. Most   food within 15-20 minutes or as soon as possible. The
              birds learn how to fly from the ground up! If you find a baby   absence of food will keep other wildlife, e.g. raccoons, from
              bird and the baby is mostly feathered and uninjured, leave it   coming into your yard or your neighbor’s in search of food.
              on the ground and monitor for parent activity quietly from a   Avoid using trappers for wildlife especially during nesting
              distance. If the parent doesn't appear and the baby bird or   season as the removal of the parent leaves orphans behind.
              animal appears injured, the South Florida Wildlife Center can   The SFWC can suggest humane deterrent options. HB
              assist you in on what steps to take next. South Florida
              Wildlife Center 954-524-4302                          Annette Ross
                       HBPHOA President
              To avoid injuring baby birds and other wildlife, please try to
              limit any pruning or tree trimming during baby season. The
              safest months to trim are November, December and January.
              If you are preparing for Hurricane Season, please try to delay
              your storm trim as long as possible during nesting season. If
              you must trim, be vigilant of any nests and have a plan for
              "re-nesting" the babies.

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