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                   2022 Annual Meeting Summary                                         The South Ocean Drive bridge project
                                                                                       once underway will be completed
                Minutes                                                                within the projected 12-month time
                                                                                       frame. Discussion regarding new
                                                                                       sidewalks along Mayan Drive using
                                                                                       County Surtax dollars is considered a
                                                                                       new and separate project, requiring a
                                                                                       new application with the City (see
                                                                                       images on next page). All residents
                                                                                       are encouraged to reach out to Vice
                                                                                       Mayor Lamar’s office.
                                                                                       District 4 Fort Lauderdale City
                                                                                       Commissioner Ben Sorensen:
                                                                                       A major concern among residents is
                                                                                       the increasing homeless situation on
                                                                                       and around 17th Street. Commissioner
                                                                                       Sorensen acknowledges this is a
                                                                                       difficult situation with no easy remedy.
                                                                                       A multi-pronged, holistic approach is
                                                                                       Pier 66: No project plans have been
                                                                                       submitted or approved for the South lot
                                                                                       of the property. Tavistock, the
                                                                                       developer, is revisiting plans for
                                                                                       development of the land Grille 66
                                                                                       once occupied. Construction has
                                                                                       resumed on the approved North lot.
                                                                                       Any new and revised plans for the
                                                                                       North and South lots will receive
                                                                                       extensive neighborhood input.
              The Harbor Beach Property Homeowners Association, Inc. and   Bahia Mar: Commissioner Sorensen opposes a lease extension
              Harbor Beach Island Fund, a/k/a HBI Security held their   to Rhan Bahia Mar  for 100 years. In his opinion, the impact
              Annual Meetings on February 28th, 2022 at The Church by   on the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show would be
              the Sea, 2700 Mayan Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.   significant in limiting the size and revenue generated by the
              Guest attendees: Broward County District 4 Vice Mayor Lamar   Boat Show. Commissioner Sorenson favors a broader analysis
              Fisher; District 4 Com-missioner Ben Sorensen; Ryan Thomas,   and new current land appraisal. Commissioner Sorensen
              Ben Sorensen’s District 4 Director of Communi-ty Affairs;   encourages residents to make your voices heard and reach out
              Fort Lauderdale City Manager Chris Lagerbloom (via Zoom);   to the Mayor and all City Commissioners.
              Victor Blanco, City of Fort Lauderdale Public Works (via Zoom);   • Mayor Dean Trantalis:
              Anthony Fajardo, Director of Sustain-able Development;   • Ben Sorensen, District 4:
              Courtney Crush, Esquire, Crush Law; Randy Rupp, Accounting   • Robert McKinzie, District 3:
              Ser-vices, Rupp Associates; HBI Head of Security, Detective   • Heather Moraitis, District 1:
              Brad Jenkins, FLPD; Lieutenant Jeff Jenkins, FLPD.    • Steven Glassman, District 2:

                                                                    Fort Lauderdale City Manager Chris Lagerbloom and Victor
              Harbor Beach Property                                 Blanco, Public Works: Undergrounding of utilities. City Manager
              Homeowners Association, Inc.                          Lagerbloom indicated that the bonds for undergrounding were
                                                                    signed the previous week. The undergrounding of utilities on Las
              Annual Meeting summary                                Olas Isles has been a long and drawn-out project with many
              Broward County Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher: The long-awaited   lessons learned to benefit future projects such as Harbor Beach.
              Bypass Road is in full design process and will run the original   Difficulties in placing FPL transformer boxes played a large part
              projected route. Construction slated to commence in 2023.  in the delay. Underground vaults are not considered an option

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