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                                                                                           Photo by Sublime Imagery/Fort Lauderdale DDA

                 as Olas has undergone an immense transformation over  buildings see roughly 50,000 people throughout the workweek
                 the past century. Since its humble beginnings in the early  and its nearby cruise port welcomes 4.5 million people to the
              L 1900s as a sleepy seasonal beach town, it has been  city year-round, creating a steady flow of opportunity for both
              reimagined into a bustling destination with a wide range of  Las Olas and the greater Fort Lauderdale community.
              upscale businesses and renovated gathering spaces for locals  Since 2000, the number of residents with a bachelor's degree
              and visitors to enjoy. What once shut down over summer and  or higher has doubled. International Downtown Association
              held vacancies now welcomes flocks of clientele year-round to  numbers estimate that the downtown area alone has received a
              sample its packed lineup of venues and experiences.    43 percent boost in young professionals aged 25-44 over the

              "Even in the 90s, you could shoot a cannon down Las Olas  past decade, and a 41 percent overall increase since 2010.
              and not hit anything after five o'clock," said Steve Hudson,  The downtown area has become a magnet for these talented
              Chairman and CEO at Hudson Capital Group and Fort     professionals, with big corporations starting to take note and
              Lauderdale native. "There was barely anything going on once  following not far behind them to the city. As a result,
              the sun went down. Now, you see the good mix of storefronts  Downtown Fort Lauderdale experienced a 33 percent increase
              along the boulevard activated throughout the entire day, and  in finance jobs, a 16 percent increase in professional services
              they are thriving."                                   jobs, and a 10 percent rise in technology-related careers
                                                                    between 2018-2020.
              A Transformation Begins                               To house this migration of professionals, Las Olas’ office scene
              Fort Lauderdale is currently home to over 180,000 people, with  has expanded to offer new, innovative ways for businesses to
              more and more choosing to call it home. There are more than  set up permanently along the strip. The Main Las Olas, the
              20,000 residential units occupied by 20,000-30,000 residents  boulevard’s first Class-A office space, is bringing in tenants such
              within walking distance to Las Olas Boulevard. Its office
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