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              for transformer boxes here due to the flood elevation of Harbor   Harbor Beach Island Fund
              Beach. Victor Blanco continues to work with FPL for a revised   a/k/a HBI Security Annual Meeting
              cost estimate for our neighborhood and projected start date.
              Residents are understandably frustrated by the lack of   Residents are advised to lock their cars and remove and
              responsiveness exhibited by FPL, AT&T and Comcast in   secure their FOB’s of their vehicles their due to an increase in
              undergrounding their respective utilities.            area vehicle theft. In addition, please secure your home by
              Courtney Crush, Esq., Crush Law: The Restoration of Harbor   checking and locking doors and first floor windows.
              Beach’s Restrictive Covenants were addressed. Courtney Crush   Head of HBI Security, Detective Brad Jenkins, FLPD: Detective
              detailed the process whereby the Restrictive Covenants may be   Jenkins answered residents’ concerns and gave a description of
              restored. The process involves participation by the entire   HBI’s patrol duties re: Vacation Checks. Con-cerns were raised
              neighborhood. The goal of the project is to consolidate   regarding the hours of operation of the FLPD Marine Patrol.
              HBPHOA with HBI Security with the possibility of enjoining the   Lieutenant Jeff Jenkins, FLPD: License Plate Readers (LPRs)
              Harbor Beach Surf Club at a later date.               were addressed and clarified that the LPR’s only search and
              Election of Board of Directors: An election was held and by   report stolen vehicles and other criminal activity already within
              unanimous vote the new Board members are:             in the system. Resident privacy should not be a concern. One
              Trish Bailey-Entin; Ann Cadwalader; Pat Riley; Annette Ross;   trusted vendor for the LPRs is Vetted Security Solutions. The
              Barry Somerstein; Isobel Sturgeon and Jake Wurzak.    membership voted to approve a new upgraded security
                                                                    camera system. The HBI Board is immediately accepting bids
              The HBPHOA Annual Meeting was adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

                                                                    for the new systems. HB

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