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                                         Mayor’s Message continued

              So, we have a choice of building a new, higher bridge or  addition, another source of financing may exist at the
              exploring the possibility of a tunnel.                federal level. The incoming Biden administration is talking
                                                                    about a major undertaking to improve local infrastructure.
              The designs for a new bridge that I’ve seen are
              horrendous. On top of that, at 55 feet high, it would need  I’ve been heartened by recent discussions with my counterparts
              approaches beginning at almost at Sunrise Boulevard to  at Broward County that they understand these issues and are
              the north and Davie Boulevard to the south.           willing to work with us on forging the best solution.
              I fear the effect would be to physically divide the city and  We have a lot to look forward to in 2021. Let me wish
              defeat the Renaissance occurring downtown. It could cut off  everyone the best this holiday season and that you have a
              the historic district the and Himmarshee area from the rest  prosperous and healthy new year. Please be safe as you
              of the city. And, it could cement the great divide between  join friends and family in celebrations and gatherings in
              “this side of the tracks” and “the other side of the tracks.”  the coming weeks.
              That’s why I’ve favored a tunnel. We need a better    Yours,
              examination of the feasibility and cost of such an undertaking
              than the back-of-a-napkin thoughts we are working from today.
              And, if it is truly proven that a tunnel is impractical or too
              costly, we at least need to make sure the bridge design is  Dean Trantalis
              truly extraordinary in nature and befits its surroundings  Mayor, City of Fort Lauderdale
              better than almost any other bridge does.
                                                                    *for the Mayor’s complete December 2020 message, please
              We passed a 1-cent sales tax for transportation in Broward,  see
              so we should spend it where it will have the most impact. In  /mayor-dean-j-trantalis/newsletters-from-the-mayor

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